Hettich Zentrifugen Rotina 35 Laboratory Bench-Top Centrifuge w/ 1725-4000 Rotor

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Hettich Zentrifugen Rotina 35 Laboratory Bench-Top Centrifuge.

CAT# 1705-01

Includes rotor #1725-4000.

Condition is Used.

Includes rotor. Technician test sheet with data, shows this centrifuge looks OK.

Quick check.  It powers up, passes self-test, detects the #1725 rotor correctly & will not allow setting RPM above 4,000 (maximum for this rotor).  Spins up very quietly to 4,000, the brake works, detailed functions not tested.

It powered up, display, key like Break, Timer, Start, program, continuous run and microswitch lock Door microswitch worked well. it is tested with Rotor 1725 with two microplate carriers on different speed that level noise was ok. it has 3 optional program that each one is tested, also Max speed reached to 3987 RPM (based on set up 4000 RPM).

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