Julabo Presto LH85 Recirculating Chiller High Dynamic Temperature Cooling System

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Julabo Presto LH85 Recirculating Chiller, High Dynamic Temperature Cooling System.

Power requirements: 230V / 60Hz

Condition is Used. Powers on. Unit is working/operable. Slight damage, the front grill bottom clip is broken on 1 side, (see 5th picture). The grill will hold but not very well, if being moved around, the front grill can fall off without the use of tape to secure.

Pictures Note:

Alarm sound, error code 14. There was NO water inside the chiller when operating for pictures. 

CODE 14: Safety sensor defect >TANK<

  • The temperature system is operated without bath liquid, or the liquid level is insufficient. = Replenish the bath tank with the bath liquid.

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