Neslab CFT-25 Coolflow Refrigerated Recirculator Lab Chiller

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Neslab CFT-25 Coolflow Refrigerated Recirculator Lab Chiller.

Condition is Used. Nice clean unit and in good working condition. Tested to +2C. Reached temp in approximately 10-15 minutes.

Product Description:

The Thermo Neslab CFT-25 Refrigerated Recirculator is a CFC-Free refrigeration system to provide the ultimate solution to the earth's ozone problem. The CFT-25's refrigeration system utilizes a hermetically sealed compressor and Hot Gas Bypass system of temperature control . This system eliminates on/off cycling and premature wear of the compressor. Strong pumps provide continuous flow even through cooling lines with small IDs.

The Thermo Neslab CFT-25 Refrigerated Recirculator offers a microprocessor based digital controller to meet your changing application needs. The Digital Controller provides a setpoint resolution of 1 °C, reads the actual circulating temperature on a bright LED Display, and maintains temperature stability at ±0.5 °C.


  • CFC-Free Refrigeration System
  • Hot Gas Bypass control system eliminates cycling of compressor
  • Sealable fluid reservoir allows for circulation to an open tank
  • 50 Hz units designed to comply with TUV certification
  • A fully hermetic compressor provides trouble-free, long life performance
  • Specifically designed for 24 hour. continuous duty circulation
  • Compact design maximizes limited floor space


Temperature Range +5°C to +30°C
Temperature Stability ± 0.5°C
Cooling Capacity - for 60 Hz models Watts: 580
BTU/hr: 1980
Kcal/hr: 499

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