New Millipore Rogard CDPRM2606 Water Purification Filter Cartridge Prefilter 26”

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1X New Millipore Rogard p/n CDPRM2606 Water Purification Filter Cartridge, Prefilter 26”L.

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Catalogue Number: CDPRM2606

Rogard II Prefilter 66cm (26")

Overview The Rogard Pretreatment has been designed to pretrat water by removing large particles, organic compounds and free chlorine from tap water. This protects the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane against organic fouling and chlorine oxidation.


• Optimal protection of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane

• Ensures system lifetime and performance are optimized

Product Information


Application Rogard II Prefilter 66cm (26") - For optimal protection of Reverse Osmosis membrane


Height 66 cm (26 in)

Location: H-2

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