Tecan M2P Labs RoboLector Customized Robot Component, Liquid Handler System

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Tecan M2P Labs RoboLector Customized Robot Component, Liquid Handler.

Model: Customized Robot Component
30130400_DE_M2PAA_40 00-100-70_SUB_EU-1868
S/N: 1706005032

Condition is Used. Powers on. No controller or other accessories included. Missing 1 rubber foot.

Only includes what is shown in the pictures. Last picture is a stock picture of the RoboLector with the BioLector 
Micro Bioreactor, which we have but is sold separately, not included.

LOC: P144

The RoboLector is an automated fermentation platform which combines the high-throughput fermentation and online monitoring capability of the BioLector with the precise and accurate liquid handling of a robotic system. 

The RoboLector autonomously prepares media compositions, among others, from the design of experiments (DoE) tests, followed by an online-monitored high-throughput fermentation. 

Furthermore, pH adjustments can be made and inducers as well as feed solutions can be added to each process according to a pre-defined schedule or triggered by online process signals. Automated sampling into various targets including a cooling station facilitates optimal process monitoring and control.

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