Thermo Fisher Scientific IEC CL10 (CAT# 11210901) Bench-model Centrifuge & Rotor

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Thermo Fisher Scientific / IEC Model: CL10 (CAT# 11210901) Bench-model Centrifuge.

Includes: Thermo (CAT# 11210021) Swing-Bucket Rotor.

Condition is Used / Refurbished. Note: Replaced gas spring and both bearings on motor.

** Our camera had a hard time capturing the LED lights, they are all well illuminated in person.

Dimensions (approx.):

15"W x 18"D x 11"H (outside)


120 Volts, 60 Hz, 290W 3.5A

Product Description:

The Thermo SCientific IEC CL10's compact size and simple controls make it idea for small and medium labs and medical offices. Capacity is 4 x 135ml and maximum speed is 6500RPM/3684g (depending on rotor). Microprocessor control system ensures continuous speed regulation for high quality separations. User friendly interface with digital diaplay. Spin up to 16 x 5/7 mL blood tubes per run at up to 4000 rpm (2600 x g) for quick and efficient separations.

Programmable centrifugation cycles allow you to choose the appropriate acceleration/deceleration rate for each protocol.

A microprocessor control system ensures continuous regulation of speed and time to ensure a highquality separation.

1-99 min timer with HOLD feature for continuous runs. Automatic rotor load imbalance detection system prevents accidents. Automatic rotor recognition prevents disallowed speeds

Location: G4

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