Thermo/IEC Centra GP8R Bench-Type Refrigerated Centrifuge, No Rotor

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IEC Centra GP8R Bench-model Refrigerated Centrifuge.

No rotor included.

Condition is Used.

Technician Notes:

Basic cleaning done. It has some scuffs/stains due to use but overall in good shape

Quick test done and following observed:

-The main switch, membrane ON/OFF switch, illuminated function /status indicators are OK.

-Test ran the unit on a set point of 1'C, 1000 rpm and 30 mins (used rotor of Thermo #825)

-Temp control was good, came down from 22'C to 1'C in 15 mins

-Acceleration/Brake function OK

-Timer/Down count OK

-Door interlock OK

-Emergency release OK

-Program mode is functional OK

Tested the unit at -5'C, held OK.

Ran it at  3'C, 1000 rpm and 250 minutes. It completed the run succesfully.

Door lock mechanism OK. Bowl gasket is also good.

The unit functionally OK

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