VWR Scientific CAT# 51014992 Dual Stacked Air Jacketed CO2 Laboratory Incubators

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VWR Scientific CAT# 51014992 Dual Stacked Air Jacketed CO2 Laboratory Incubators.

VWR Catalog Re-Order # 10811-004

Condition is Used. Units are clean and in good working order. Pulled from a working lab that got bought out by Merck. All equipment was liquidated and the facility was dismantled. HEPA filters are not guaranteed and may require replacement.


Enhanced safety features include HEPA filtration and high heat sterilization cycle. The VWR® Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator offers two levels of security for your valuable cell cultures.

  • 6.5 cu. ft. internal volume
  • Removable water pan and four shelves included
  • In-chamber HEPA filtration airflow designed to protect samples from airborne contaminants during routine access
  • Overnight 140 °C sterilization cycle for easy cleaning and reliable decontamination
  • In-chamber probes and sensors for precise control
  • Choice of long lasting TC or independent IR CO2 sensor
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of interior without tools
  • Dual stack configurations include two incubator units, mobile support stand, and stacking kit to maximize lab space

HEPA filtration safeguards your cultures from airborne contaminants, which is a primary source of contamination.

Feel safe with a VWR CO2 incubator that provides you with selection, performance and quality needed in today’s cell culture laboratories. VWR's family of CO2 incubators include water jacketed and air jacketed configurations to meet specific culturing preferences and a wide range of solutions to meet capacity and budget needs. A choice of platform designs and capacities are available to meet your specific culturing preferences. Options include capacities ranging from 1.4 to 6.5 cu. ft., water jacketed models for outstanding temperature stability, and low maintenance air jacketed models with high temperature decontamination cycles. Choice of small capacity models for low volume culturing needs. Stackable models are available to maximize lab space. Choose between thermal conductivity or infrared CO2 sensors to meet preference and application needs. Optional available enhanced contamination control technologies include HEPA filtration and high temperature decontamination. These advanced technologies and contamination control provide a safe growth environment for your cultures. Feel confident that your cultures are in a stable and protected growth environment. Exceptional value for your lab. Fan assisted airflow designed for rapid recovery and uniform conditions. In-chamber probes and sensors designed for precise control. Dual temperatures for over-temperature protection. Polished, high grade stainless steel chambers.

The on-demand sterilization cycle eliminates contamination from internal surfaces, simplifying cleaning and minimizing downtime. The on-demand high heat sterilization cycle is a convenient 14 hour cycle that eliminates microbial contaminants easily - with a push of button. A message prompts the user and prevents errors or accidental activation.

CO2 Incubator Air Jacket IR Dual, Two Stacked Units 6.5 CF 10811-004 Each

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