Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module HPLC + Column & 2487 Dual Detector

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Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module

(PART# WAT270008 | S/N: L03SM4 208M)

Waters Sample Heater/Chiller Engine

(PART# 289000560 | Model Code: SHC | S/N: L03SHC 213M)

Waters Column Heater Compartment

(PART# 186001791 | S/N: L03SMC 258M)

Waters 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector

(PART# WAT081110 | S/N: M05487 297M)

Condition is Used.

Powers on. After intializing start up sequence, said all systems OK but after initializing, there was an alert message "needle malfunction." The detector said at start up all systems OK but "Lamp data not found." The HPLC system may require some maintenance or replacement parts before being put back into operation. See pictures for condition details. 

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